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We are PROTECA, previously called La Protectora S.A., a hundred year old company that has worked in the meat industry since 1921. We specialise in the slaughter and cutting of bovine, ovine and equine livestock.

New and extensive facilities

The most advanced technology in the sector is used in our facilities.

Vocation of excellence

Continuous training and stringent quality controls.

A century of tradition in the meat industry

We are experts in slaughtering and cutting bovine, ovine and equine livestock.

Certified in Halal slaughter

We have Moslem slaughtermen and boxes for Halal slaughter techniques.


One of our greatest concerns is the quality of the product. That’s why we place special emphasis on the animal’s wellbeing from the moment it enters our facilities. We comply with all current legislation on animal welfare, and have additional systems to ensure that the animals are as free of stress as possible.

Protectora de Carnes S.L. - Pol. Ind. Meseta de Salinas - Gezaurre, 10, 31191 Salinas de Pamplona, SPAIN view map

  • Phone +34 948 251 912