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As one of our major concerns is product quality we pay particular attention to the welfare of the animals as soon as they enter our installations. We comply with current animal welfare regulations and have also implemented systems to ensure that the animals are as relaxed as possible. To this end we offer you special systems such as nebulisation, relaxing showers, and other procedures.

We work to ensure the welfare of the animals by monitoring them 24 hours a day

The animals that enter our installations are also monitored 24 hours a day by means of a closed video camera system to ensure their welfare.

We have obtained the following:

  • Ecological Livestock Slaughter Certificate
  • Halal Slaughter Certificate
  • Protected Geographical Indication (Indicación Geográfica Protegida, IGP) for Navarra veal and Navarra lamb.
  • BRC Certificate
  • IFS Certificate

These indications have allowed us to become an Authorised Centre for the slaughter of animals producing this meat and ensure the strict follow-up and monitoring of product quality.

We hold the SAE LEVEL 3 Accreditation.

Protectora de Carnes S.L. - Pol. Ind. Meseta de Salinas - Gezaurre, 10, 31191 Salinas de Pamplona, SPAIN view map

  • Phone +34 948 251 912