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Our principal activities are cattle, sheep and horse slaughtering and cutting. We are a state of the art abattoir that focuses on the freezing process from start to finish.

The slaughter area and the cutting room are the main arteries of our business, with an estimated weekly production capacity of more than 1,000 tons/week of all the livestock varieties.

Our modern and spacious cold facilities provide service for a volume of up to 700 cattle and horse carcasses and 1800 sheep carcasses.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our entire production line uses state of the art machinery.

Major investments have been made in the new facilities for the complete cold process, to offer more quality in all our products.

We know how important it is to freeze the product after slaughter, and so major investments have been made in the entire process, including a high power airing chamber for rapid chilling and so ensure the highest quality in all our products.


The traceability of our products is very important to us. We carefully supervise the loading and unloading of living animals from the farms at our facilities. The subsequent processes also include stringent controls from the source to the point of sale.

We offer our services to all types of clients, from traditional butchers to small and medium supermarket chains and of course to the major distributors.


We are certified to carry out halal slaughter in accordance with Islamic rites, with Moslem slaughtermen and a box for halal slaughter. The most stringent and rigorous conditions for this rite are maintained at all times.

We offer our clients whatever slaughter and cutting services they require. We are also certified to export halal market products to other countries.

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